PHS 150: Introduction to Infectious Diseases and One Health

Number of Sections: 1 | Days and Times: Monday & Wednesday (1:30-3:00 PM ICT)


  • Soe Yu Naing/Max van Wijk

Course Description

This course will answer the questions of “Will there be another pandemic?”, “Will climate change lead to more malaria outbreaks?”, and “How do viruses spread between humans and animals?”. Infectious diseases are emerging and re-emerging due to globalization, climate change, loss of wildlife diversity, rapid urbanization, and even economic trade. This course introduces students to various infectious diseases in the context of One Health. The One Health concept embodies the well-being of human, animal and environmental health and aims for the optimal health for all. From the animal origin of Ebola to cholera outbreaks in refugee camps, this course explores the interdisciplinary nature of One Health and its role in global health.




Broad Disciplines