Course Submission by Faculty


Before you submit your course proposals into CIMRS, please read the following information: 

If you are not a member of the Parami faculty yet, but a prospective faculty and you wish to teach a course at the University:

  • You will use your personal email to create an account. Make sure that username and email are different. For example, if you have the email, your username could be janedoe, but MUST NOT be You will receive a verification email. Once you verify the account, you will be able to go to your dashboard at the upper righthand corner of the page, from where you will be able to submit a proposal by clicking 'New Submission'.
  • Please follow instructions carefully during the course proposal submission workflow. Please submit your proposal before the end of March 2nd week to teach a course in the following fall semester and before the end of October 1st week to teach a course in the following Spring semester. 
  • Once your course is approved and you are allowed to teach, you become a visiting faculty at Parami. At this point, Parami will give you a Parami-affiliated email, and you MUST UPDATE your email associated with your CIMRS account with your Parami email.
  • You must make sure that you submit not only the proposed course syllabus but also your resume/CV in tab 2 ‘Upload Submission’ in your CIMRS account. (If you are already a faculty member of Parami, you can just submit your proposed course syllabus.)


For all prospective or current faculty:

  • You must abide by the Parami’s unique subject letter code system.
  • You are prohibited from submitting a syllabus of someone else. 
  • You must use the Parami syllabus template and are required to put information into ALL sections of the syllabus template. 
  • You must use a word document or PDF to submit your course syllabus and your resume/CV, if applicable during the course proposal submission workflow. 
  • If you are teaching a new course, you must identify your subject code AND the level of the course that you are proposing to teach  (please state 100-level for a first-year level course, 200-level for a second-year level course, 300-level for a third-year level course, and 400-level for a fourth-year level course.) The registrar will determine the course number against existing course codes. (Nomenclature: If the course code of 'Introduction to Chemistry' is CHEM 100, the subject code is CHEM and the course number is 100.)
  • If you are teaching an existing course, please find your course code here.