SOC 100: Introduction to Sociology

Number of Sections: 1 | Days and Times: Monday & Wednesday (9:15-10:45 AM ICT)


  • Dr. David Golding

Course Description

This introductory course will survey a range of topics in sociology, including labor, policing, the media, and social movements. The sociological theory that undergirds this course will place power at the center of inquiry. How is power exercised? How does it modulate and govern associations, both between individuals and between groups? How do people form a sense of self amidst such power relations?

The course will begin by distinguishing between “society,” “the social,” and “associations.” These distinctions will guide an exploration of institutionalized power for the first five weeks of this course. Intersecting categories of identity and oppression. Towards the middle of the course, particular focus will be given to the formation of a sense of self through theories of subjectivity and individuality. The final portion of the course will investigate topics of particular interest to sociologists today, including race, gender, governmentality, and simulation.

The theoretical explorations of this course will be grounded in various case studies, such as those of policing in South Africa, gendered representations in Indian media, and mestizaje in Mexico. These case studies are opportunities to explore the merits and limits of social theory




Broad Disciplines